On Wednesday, 11th June 2014 the Slough Business Community Partnership (SBCP) working with members of the Slough Working Well Group put on an event to look at how to build a resilient workforce.

The event started with an interactive session encouraging the delegates think about the practices that they had in their own organisations and the way that managing energy levels could help to improve an employee’s resilience.

Delegates then heard from informed speakers which included Susanna Yeomans, Deputy Locality Director for Upton Hospital, supported by Talking Therapies who talked about Mental Health issues affecting employees, ways of identifying the early signs and what support there is for an employee and the company.

Slough Working Wells’ other speakers included Helen Wray from Mars Chocolate who outlined the procedures that the company has in place to support its employees.

Lesley Baker spoke about the role of mediation to resolve issues and Rajiv Joshi from Morgan Cole underlined the importance of a company having the correct policies and procedures in place to avoid potential conflict.

Everyone agreed that the event was a great success and that the informed speakers had provided valuable information to help improve the resilience of staff which in turn could impact in the profitability of a company.


Above – Rajiv Joshi from Morgan Cole