SBCP’s latest Business Meeting was held on Thursday 27th March at The Centre where we heard from Laura Wells from Atkins Global.

Atkins Global is working with Slough Borough Council to deliver the Smarter Travel for Slough programme and delegates heard about how they will work with local businesses to help them create sustainable transport options to help reduce traffic congestion.  The programme provides funding to support initiatives such as walking, cycling, promoting the use of public transport, car sharing and offers local businesses a tailored package of transport and travel solutions including the production of personal travel plans for employees.  Traffic congestion is a key barrier to doing efficient business in Slough and the Council estimates that this costs the local economy £34 million per year in lost productivity from time wasted stuck in traffic jams alone.  For more information please contact Laura Wells on: 01753 477334 or

Our second speaker was from Jenny Muddiman from the Cadet Expansion Programme and she talked about the success of Cadet Units in schools that provide students with the chance to learn new skills such as leadership and self-reliance that are based on the traditional values of the armed forces.  The experience gained by the students helps them develop into well-rounded, accomplished adults that are fully prepared for life beyond school.  Any secondary school may join the cadet expansion programme and Jenny asked businesses to promote the programme to their staff and encourage Cadet Force Adult Volunteering.

Finally, we heard from Jenny Scully from Young Enterprise.  The organisation aims to inspire and prepare young people to achieve their potential and succeed in business.  They achieve this through engaging young people in entrepreneurship, developing employability skills, behaviours and attitudes needed to succeed in work.  They are interested in support from business to deliver their Company Programme for students aged between 15 to 19 years who set up and run their own REAL company over one year, raise capital, plan, design and develop a product or service and sell their product.  They are also looking for support from volunteers to connect with and support the young people, funding to carry out the work or ‘in-kind’ support such as providing venue space.

If you would like any further information about our speakers or details of their presentations then please contact us.





 Our speakers from the Business Meeting – (from Left to right) Laura Wells, Jenny Muddiman & Jenny Scully