Slough Business Community Partnership (SBCP) was formed in 2001 as a ‘not for profit’ company limited by guarantee. Since that time, it has grown to become one of the leading Business Community Partnerships in the UK. The Partnership goes from strength to strength and now has an active membership of 60+ companies and organisations which represent large, medium and small businesses, the Council and the Voluntary Sector.

We are a unique organisation that promotes the use of business skills to support the development of community organisations by creating beneficial and meaningful relationships.

SBCP can help as we take time to understand the needs and requirements of our charity and voluntary sector and to identify suitable projects. We match the needs to the resources of local businesses that can support them or we promote a project through our extensive business network to find solution. By encouraging businesses to support vital projects we can help them to be valued and engaged in their communities.

We can help businesses to develop CSR policies and strategies and by putting into practice agreed aims and objectives businesses can instantly profit from establishing a CSR agenda. We are able to provide opportunities to help projects, offer support, time and expertise whilst giving staff the opportunity to develop their skills whilst benefitting the community.

Anita Herbert
Partnership Manager

Anita Herbert joined SBCP in April 2017 following a successful and long-term career at Mars Chocolate, where she helped to develop and subsequently managed the Mars in the Community programme.  An experienced Community Relations and PR professional Anita is a highly motivated individual who has led and managed teams, inspired colleagues and built a reputation as a leader based on trust and credibility to get things done.  Slough born and bred, Anita has real knowledge and passion for the local area.  She also Chairs a local registered charity – so her experiences set her up well for the role of Partnership Manager for SBCP.


Julie Humphrey
Partnership Coordinator

I am passionate about connecting people and skills.  Having gained a wealth of knowledge in the private sector for over 30 years, I was keen to enter into a community-based role that would use my practical and personal skills.  I am thoroughly enjoying my role at SBCP, connecting our members with the wider Slough community – groups / charities and education.  Looking at new ways for our members to give back to their working environment whilst benefitting this sector and raising awareness.  I pull together the extensive Challenge Calendar quarterly and keep very busy with our ever-growing membership group activities.  My organisational and admin skills are key to keeping this varied role afloat.  I enjoy meeting new people, learning and looking at ways in which we can expand the diversity of our volunteering opportunities further.

Julie is married to Ian, who is a microbiologist at Mars. We have two children, Eve 17 and Nina 13.  I am part of an amateur drama group, love to keep fit with walking & cycling and enjoy spending time with the family.

SBCP Management Board

Rafiq Chohan

Rafiq is an experienced business adviser having been trained by Warwick and Durham University Business Schools advising mainly on growth potential and growing companies over the years. He has helped companies in business planning and strategy, people management, markets and marketing, operational and financial management.

Rafiq spent 15 years in local government as a senior manager responsible for economic development and was Vice Chair of the Chief Economic Development Officers Society representing 60 unitary and county authorities. He was Chair Elect in 2010 before taking early retirement from local government in early 2011. He is Chairman and board member of the Slough Business Community Partnership and has a particular interest in enterprise, employment and the development of skills to support growth and competitiveness.

Rafiq has lived in Slough for over 50 years and is still a keen footballer and avid sports fan.  Rafiq has recently become a prolific poet.

Wes Willsmore

I am a Corporate Banking Manger for the Swedish Bank Handelsbanken having worked in around Slough for the past 5 years. I have almost 20 years’ experience within the banking sector, much of this spent in the Home Counties. In my role, I try to establish businesses financial needs and recommend the appropriate solutions in order for businesses to achieve their financial objectives in the most efficient and effective manner.

I utilise these skills and prior experiences as Treasurer at the SBCP. Responsible for assisting with the preparation of budgets, cash flows and financial reporting. Closely monitoring the organisations spend to ensure long term financial security and value for money to all its members.

Bob Jones
Company Secretary

Bob has been with SBCP since its inception in 2001 and was previously the Partnership Manager until September 2017 when he took to up his current role. He is the Company Secretary and Chair of the Slough Working Well Group that provides advice and guidance to local businesses on Health & Wellbeing matters in the workplace.

Bob has a wealth of knowledge and experience of Slough, its businesses and the local community’.

Bob @sbcp.co.uk

Simon Hall

A vastly experienced senior leader passionate about improving people’s lives through better

services, providing opportunity, creating and regenerating places and neighbourhoods.

Substantial project management and delivery of effective performance management.

Significant experience in community engagement and consultation across a range of sectors

using a wide variety of methods. Creative in problem solving and addressing service

improvement challenges. An effective and resourceful networker. Skilled at putting together

partnerships and delivery teams, often from differing sectors and business streams. Ability to

create commercially ‘savvy’ solutions delivering social good .

Rajiv Joshi – Director

Rajiv is a partner at Blake Morgan specialising in employment law.

He has been a director on the board of SBCP since November 2016, although has been involved with SBCP’s activities for many years before that. Rajiv also sits on the committee for Slough Working Well, which is one of SBPC’s initiatives delivering wellbeing related knowledge for local businesses. He regularly presents at the Working Well events, and has also delivered presentations at SBCP’s Business Meetings. Rajiv is passionate about helping bring business closer to charitable causes in the community.

Rajiv is a married father of three and in his spare time (for his sins!) he loves to run.