The SBCP Annual Conference entitled ‘People can make a difference’ was held at Hilton Hotel, Heathrow Terminal 5 on 28th November and was attended by over 100 delegates.


Rafiq Chohan, SBCP’s Chairman, said “Conveying our improved performance from last year the Conference demonstrably showed the difference people working for local business had made to our local community. With over 3,350 hours of volunteering, valued at £175,000 and benefiting over 40,500 members of our community in the last year, Slough is already doing great work.


We had 3 World class speakers all confirming the value of employee engagement being a win – win for community and volunteer alike. We should all be very proud of our Business Community in Slough and the contribution they continue to make. We look forward to welcoming more activity and more volunteering from business as we approach the New Year with increased optimism and hope.”


SBCP’s ‘People can make a difference’ theme was taken up by a number of distinguished speakers.

Francis Goss – Head of Employee Engagement at Grass Roots UK, spoke about ‘investing in people’ and providing employees with motivational forces beyond money which in turn has shown an evidenced increase in company savings and productivity.


Mark Francis from Star Commercial Academy gave a thought provoking talk on how to lead change in a workplace by encouraging a greater collective involvement.  He highlighted the three R’s in this process – Role Modelling, Rallying for troops and Recognising effort and progress during times of change.


Lastly we heard from Katie Hyson form Telefónica UK – O2 who enthusiastically took delegates through research conducted by O2 which showed positive statistics and highlighted the benefits derived from employees getting involved in community matters.


The prestigious SBCP Awards were a particular highlight of the evening. There were two Company Awards that were received by David Carey of LeasePlan and Roisin O’Sullivan from in recognition of the contribution that both companies have made to the local community through employee volunteering.


Six awards were made to employees from BlackBerry and Mars Chocolate who through the Business Mentoring programme had provided excellent support to key leaders of voluntary organisations in Slough.


The Chairman’s Award went to Sue Sibany-King from Slough Foodbank who is making a considerable difference to the lives of vulnerable people in Slough.  She has established a well-run warehouse and three outlets in the town that are staffed with the help of local volunteers. Sue is always looking at innovative ways to attract more donations for this valuable service in Slough.


IMG_3227Left to right: Mark Francis (Star Academy), Katie Hyson (Think Big – O2), Rafiq Chohan  (SBCP’s Chairman) and Francis Goss (Grass Roots)