What our Members say…

“Enbright Services is proud to be one of the few SME members of the SBCP and are totally committed to its aims. Primarily we have felt privileged to have the opportunity to support our community and work with some of the World’s leading companies in engaging their community. We have also shared our expertise on the board and learnt from the expertise of other members. It is also important for us to be part of the business and community ecology of the town which makes us feel properly connected. Business is often done through relationships and some of those relationships have also helped us secure business.”

~ Rafiq Chohan, Enbright Services Ltd

“Being part of SBCP provides a great learning opportunity for me to understand how other organisations meet their CSR obligations and give back to the community and also enables me to give something back, by using my expertise to assist others.”

~ Ros Hammond, Employment Law in Action Ltd

“Slough Business Community Partnership and the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce works together on business issues for Slough – and the wider Thames Valley – by pulling commercial ideas together. Our policy knowledge and expertise is shared and pooled together – for a stronger outcome.  SBCP and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce both provide an opportunity to campaign to Government for better business conditions – for our respective members in Slough. Lobby at its best!  Much collaborative work takes place between the two organisations. And especially – networking chances!”

~  Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group


“Slough Business Community Partnership provides a unique service to the community by enabling businesses to support schools and voluntary organisations.  Heathrow is proud to be a founding member of SBCP and we have encouraged our own employees to support community projects in Slough.”

~ Sundeep Sangha, Heathrow Airport Limited


“Slough Borough Council works closely with Slough Business Community Partnership to meet our joint aims of maintaining and developing the strong economy of the borough while sharing that prosperity with local people.   SBCP has a unique role bringing the business and community sectors together, improving the lives of local people and helping to make sure that Slough is a great place to live and work.”

 ~ Tracy Luck, Slough Borough Council


“Slough Business Community Partnership connects us with the local community and helps us to give something back.”

~ Louise Fellows, Telefónica UK – O2


“Having previously worked in Slough for over 10 years, and having made many friends in that time, I am pleased to be in a position to support local initiatives and give something back to the community. The work that SBCP does makes a real and lasting difference to this community, and I am proud of my small contribution in this regard. ”

~ Alan Sunderland, Coley Hall Associates