With support from our members and local stakeholders, SBCP has continued to grow and provide excellent platforms for your employees to volunteer in the community and in turn help to give them a sense of purpose, resulting in increased motivation and relative productivity improvements.  In addition, SBCP provides a unique network of the major international and world leading businesses in Slough and surrounding area unrivalled in the UK. This has enabled us to raise awareness of local and national issues as well as provide great support to the local community.

SBCP has spent a significant amount of time speaking to our members and getting a better understanding of their needs and how we can work more closely together for mutual benefit.   As part of this detailed review involving members, stakeholders and community organisations we have now updated our services and developed a more effective pricing structure.  The fee structure consists of different tiers:  Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.  The enclosed pricing structure will detail the benefits and fees.

Benefits of membership:

  • SBCP gaining an understanding of your organisation’s needs and assist you with developing your CSR programmes and the skills of your employees through volunteering 
  • Partnership working
  • Good management arrangements

More Benefits

Breakdown of Tiers PDF

Membership Form PDF

Membership fees are based on an annual basis.

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