We encourage more businesses to become a member of SBCP so that we can increase the support given to local organisations.

There are many ways that businesses and their employees can become involved:

Physical Volunteering – where individuals come together to undertake an activity to help an organisation that might not have the resources to undertake the work themselves. It is very beneficial for the volunteers who meet with their colleagues, plan the activity and then undertake a rewarding task. The Pandemic has restricted face to face contact so it is an opportunity to build relationships again.
Activities can be painting /decorating, making repairs and clearing overgrown areas.

E-Volunteering – support is given online and has proved extremely popular during the Pandemic. It allows employees to share their skills and provide interactive sessions for young people especially those in schools. This form of volunteering provides an alternative to physical volunteering.

Donations – an easy way for a business to give support to the community by providing the resources that an organisation might not be able to afford or by the donation of product that will help local people. Resources might include – furniture, stationery, foodstuff or inhouse collections of clothing.

SBCP can match what a business and its employees can give to meet the needs of the local community. We receive regular requests and are always looking at different ways to engage with our members and those not yet involved in any activities. Should you require further information the please go to the Contact Us page of our website.