How can SBCP help your company?

What do we do?

SBCP is a unique  organisation that facilitates the creation of partnerships between the private, public and voluntary sectors for the benefit of the diverse communities of Slough.  We act as a broker between businesses and the charitable and voluntary sectors to provide the right kind of support to enable organisations to develop and grow.

Why is it necessary?

The Pandemic and funding cuts have had a profound effect on the ability of charity and voluntary sector organisations to deliver their services. As so many people in Slough rely on these organisations for support, guidance, interaction and help in their daily lives there is a key role for business to play. There is an overwhelming need to tap into the skills, expertise and people resources of local businesses to support our community; however, many businesses just don’t know where to begin this process.

How can we help?

SBCP can help as we take time to understand the needs and requirements of our charity and voluntary sector and to indentify suitable projects. We match the needs to the resources of local businesses that can support them or we promote a project through our extensive business network to find solution. By encouraging businesses to support vital projects we can help them to be valued and engaged in their communities.

We can help businesses to develop CSR policies and strategies and by putting into practice agreed aims and objectives businesses can instantly profit from establishing a CSR agenda. We are able to provide opportunities to help projects, offer support, time and expertise whilst giving staff the opportunity to develop their skills whilst benefitting the community.

Ways of engagement

We have five key areas of work in place that can enable a business to develop its CSR activities to support the community whilst developing the skills of their staff. Please email us to find out more:


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